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Mike B.
Joined: 2006
Status: Active
Date Built: 2007
Size: 48" by 24" and 36" Corner
Theme: Straight module depicts a Transfer yard. The corner, is a small town with a passenger stop, in Northeast Ohio

Dan C.
Joined: 2012
Status: Active
Date Built:
Size: 72" by 24"
Theme: Mining

Lou D.
Joined: 1985
Status: Active
Date Built: 1986
Size: 48" by 24"
Theme: (fantasy) Basemont Valley RR Museum
Built on abandoned Basemont Valley RR property when expansion brought three new mains through the area.

Bob G.
Joined: Mid 90's
Status: Active
Date Built: 1990 something
Size: 48" by 24"
Theme: Lighthouse by the Ocean.
Some say it's Maine. Some say it's Oregon.

Scott G.
Joined: 2016
Status: Active
Date Built: Dec 2016
Size: 48" x 24"
Theme: Rural Farm with Freeway

Randy H.
Joined: 2009
Status: Active
Date Built:
Size: 48" x 24"
Theme: Oil Terminal

Randy Module

Gary J.
Joined: 2012
Status: Active
Date Built:
Size: 48" x 24"
Theme: Industry & Drive IN

Gary J

Matt K.
Joined: 1991
Status: Active
Date Built: started 2008, still working on them
Size: (3) 48" x 36" modules making up a single scene
Theme: Western Pennsylvania river valley with coal burning power plant

Bonnie & Wayne
Bonnie & Wayne L.
Joined: 2003
Status: Active
Date Built: Sep 2008 - Mar 2009
Size: 72" by 30"
Theme: Logging Switchback
Module features an automated circuit that controls the train as it ascends and descends hauling 3 log cars along the mountain switchback. The switchback section uses Atlas code 55 track for a more realistic look.

Click here to see this module as it was built
Lette switchback module

Side View

Chuck L.
Status: Active
Date Built:1998 and 2004
Size:(2) 48" by 24"
Theme: First one is a Pennsylvania/Ohio Small Town, and second one is modeled after family property in Ashtabula Ohio

Dennis L.
Founding Member 1981
Status: Active
Date Built: Many years ago
Size: 36" Corners
These are just 2 of many modules built over the years

Al & Allen
Al & Allen L.
Joined: 2009
Status: Active
Date Built: ????
Size: (2) 48" by 24"
Theme: Locomotive service yard

Paul M.
Joined: 2017
Status: Active
Date Built:
Size: 48" by 30"
Theme: Still being built
Paul M

Dave N.
Joined: 2001
Status: Active
Date Built: 2009
Size: 48" by 30"
Theme: McCabe Lumber Co.
This scene is a series of laser structure kits depicting an older style lumber company. The name may be based upon an old lumbering movie in the 70's entitled "McCabe and Mrs. Miller", starring Julie Christie.
The module base is 'modular', I have two other scenes, a coal mine and a farm, which can be interchanged with McCabe.

Ray N.
Joined: 2015
Status: Active
Date Built: 2016
Size: 48" by 24"
Theme: For me, this scene represents or reminds me of the vast empty distances between major cities in the US southwest, which was or still is served by some famous railroads like the Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, Reo Grand and others. One of the RR I model is the Southern Pacific.
Ray N

Denny II
Denny S.
Joined: 2012
Status: Inactive
Date Built: 2012
Size: 48" by 24"
Theme: My module is of a small town next to the mainline. It is a growing farming and lumber town in the 1940s. Recently it has started a limited trolley service.
Denny II

Ken S.
Joined: 1999
Status: Active
Date Built: 2002
Size: 48" by 24"
Theme: Rockglen SK
Modeled after a typical prairie town in Saskatchewan that is served by the Canadian Pacific. Main features include the wooden grain elevator and farm implements business.

Charlie T.
Status: Active
Date Built: circa 2000
Size: 48" by 24"
Theme: Narrow gauge N-scale depicting a small town in Southern Ohio

Capt. Picard
Joined: 2364
Status: will be active in the future
Date Built: Commissioned October 4, 2363
Size: 285 meters
Theme: To boldly go where no one has gone before.   (...and continue to say, "engage")